Bridges to Prosperity

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Creating Effective Allies

Bridges' success is contingent on Circle Leaders (participants) being paired with a strong core of volunteers or Allies. These Allies are established members of the community who are looking to give back and yet are open to be changed themselves by the program. They will be asked to reconsider the way they view poverty and their community.  Allies may come from a wide array of careers such as banking, law, real estate or education.

While Circle Leaders are making their way through Financial Fitness and Getting Ahead in a Just Gettin' by World Allies will be participating in a Bridges Training of their own.  This consists of two 6 hour training periods.  During this portion, Allies will be learning the same material as the participants in Getting Ahead, so that they may talk as equals with a shared vocabulary and way of learning.  This includes Mental Models, hidden rules and language differences.  Allies will acquire practical tools on building relationships with people in poverty so as to facilitate meaningful change.

James Dixon
Bridges to Prosperity Coordinator 
352-372-0294 ext 104

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