Bridges to Prosperity

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        "Building Bridges to Prosperity over Raging Rivers of Poverty."



The Question:

Do you feel like you just can't get ahead? That every time you take a step forward you take two back? That you just can't access the resources or funds necessary to get you and your family moving towards prosperity and stability?

Catholic Charities has started a new program which pledges to lend a hand to those looking to get ahead and make a move towards prosperity.

The Answer: 

Bridges to Prosperity is interested in moving families from poverty to economic stability, and, at the same time, changing the way poverty is viewed and understood in the community.

There are 
three distinct phases in this journey: 

first is Financial Fitness (4 weeks). In Financial Fitness clients will learn how to find extra dollars every month to save, create a spending plan, and avoid falling into money and credit traps.

Clients who complete the program have the opportunity to open an Individual Development Account (IDA). An IDA is a matched savings account. For 
every dollar you save towards a worthy goal (better housing situation, reliable transport, more education or a small business) Catholic Charities will put in a dollar too!!  

The second part is Getting Ahead in a Just Getting- By- World (15 weeks). In this part, clients will dig deeper into the causes of poverty and how it impacts their lives. Important life skills will be taught which will help you to get ahead, and get off that treadmill! During the class clients will map their own journey towards economic and career stability

At the same time, 
Allies (mentors) will attend two training sessions focused on understanding different mental models, in particular the mindset of those living in poverty, and of those living in the middle class.  

Finally, the third and final step is Circles to Prosper. This is when clients are matched with an Ally, and together they will work towards the economic and career goals the client set out for themselves during the second phase. 



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