Bridges to Prosperity

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From Clients to Circle Leaders

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Through the weeks of 'Financial Fitness' and 'Getting Ahead' clients will be transformed into investigators, and then into circle leaders.

During 'Getting Ahead' investigators (clients) will explore their own personal life, their immediate environment, and the community within which they live. Investigators will be asked to move from the concrete grind of daily life to a place to the abstract where they can begin to formulate an action plan for moving themselves, and their families forward. They will be accompanied along the way by facilitators from our Gainesville community and their fellow investigators.

Further along the way, investigators become circle leaders- as they are the leader of this self-improvement expedition. First and foremost, their circle is made up of family and friends. However, they will also be offered a hand along the way by their Ally, a diverse range of partners in the community, and Catholic Charities.


Investigators are encouraged to take advantage of all of the benefits of the program:

  1. Financial Fitness classes provided by instructors from the University of Florida.
  2. Getting Ahead in a Just Gettin' by World: Personal Development classes taught by dynamic instructor James Dixon. 
  3. Childcare and dinner provided during all evening classes.
  4. Support and help from community allies
  5. A UF Money Mentor
  6. Individual Development Account: matched savings account towards a long term dream (reliable transport, better housing, education/training, and opening a small business).

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